Lara Heimann im Interview

Interview mit Lara Heimann: „A healthy human appears almost sparkly.“

Lara Heimann ist Yogalehrerin und Gründerin der LYT-Methode. Auf Instagram folgen ihre mehrere Tausend Menschen und lernen von ihr, was zu tun ist, wenn der Körper schmerzt. Wir haben mit ihr im Interview über Gesundheit und Yoga gesprochen.

How would you define health? 

Health is a pulsing, living state of being where life is full of possibility, undeterred by blockages in the physical, mental, or emotional state. It is a spectrum of holistic oneness where all the systems in the body are in balanced harmony, free from illness, and in a state of wellbeing.

How does a healthy human look to you?

A healthy human appears almost sparkly- radiating energy, standing tall, moving well, with a glimmer of life force in the eyes. 

What are the benefits of a therapeutic yoga style?

Therapeutic yoga is not necessarily about just helping when health is out of balance but instead intentionally promoting that balance for all times. Yoga practices without educational support can sometimes create more imbalances by not addressing the habitual movement patterns that people might be displaying. 

Why do you think we need more therapeutic background/knowledge in yoga? 

Yoga can be truly healing for every system in the body by promoting more balance in the physical, emotional and mental aspects of health. With the movement practices of yoga in particular, having sufficient knowledge of the body and functional biomechanics is essential; that expertise can be shared with others to improve their overall fitness in many ways – how to build adaptable muscles to support mobility in the joints, optimizing breathing, creating better movement habits to carryover into daily life. 

What effects do blockages have on the entire system of the body?

Blockages- both physical or energetic- make us less efficient, more sluggish, less resilient, and impact our overall health. 

How does your typical practice look like?

I practice LYT method every day. I often feel an intuitive sense of what kind of practice I want to have- slower and more focused on an area or creative movement that generates heat. The practice is like a paintbrush of artistic healing for me. The creative juices never dry out because I explore new ways to get my brain and body challenged and balanced. Hundreds of examples of my practices can be found on the LYT daily platform. 

Which role plays the neurodevelopmental training in your method?

The beginning of each LYT practice goes through the developmental phases of life, where we begin on the floor and move onto all fours and then into standing. Revisiting our early movement patterns is an essential ingredient in learning how to rewire existing movement patterns that may be less optimal because of our modern day lifestyle that often restricts our movement variability. And people love the RESET in LYT because it connects us to our core and to our personal journey in ways that we may have forgotten. 

How does yoga contribute to your own health?

Yoga has been like a tuning fork for my mind-body-heart connection. When I pluck one area, it reverberates throughout. When I strengthen my core, I create a calmer and clearer ecosystem in which my values and decisions and behaviors and breath can thrive. I feel more confident and compassionate because of my practice, which makes me feel energized and motivated and resilient, despite what might happen in life. LYT yoga is the key to my adaptability and endurance.

If there is only one movement to be done on a busy day – which one is it?

No such thing , haha😂 but I would say to try some squats with rotation because the hips and thoracic spine need daily maintenance. Add a handstand in for overall core strength and FUN!

Why does movement play an important role when we talk about holistic health?

Movement keeps us young- in body, heart, mind, and brain! Movement is life! If you don’t have movement, you can’t have optimal holistic health. It impacts every system in our body. 

I am healthy, when ….

I wake up feeling energized and clear, when I am in nature with my family, when I am moving on my mat with freedom and joy, and when my actions align with my values and how I want to live in the world. 

Wenn du mehr von Lara hören und lernen möchtest, ier gehts zum Podcast Personality Talks.

Über Lara Heimann:

Lara Heimann ist seit 27 Jahren praktizierende Physiotherapeutin und Yogalehrerin. Nach einer 200-Stunden-Yogalehrerausbildung an der University of Houston, kreierte sie ihre eigene Methode. Die LYT-Yoga-Methode kombiniert Physiologie, Kinesiologie, Neurologie und funktionelle Bewegungsmuster. 2011 eröffnete sie das erste offizielle LYT Yoga Studio und begann, ihre Lehren über die Online-Plattform LYT daily zu teilen. Lara unterrichtet internationale Retreats und Workshops und teilt ihre Leidenschaft für Bewegung und Wellness im Redefining Yoga-Podcast.

Portrait @ Greg Berzinski

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