Nic is holding a giant monkey frog, or Phyllomedusa bicolor fin his hands

Was ist eigentlich Kambô?

Kambô ist ein Froschsekret, das in spirituellen Kreisen längst als der heiße Shit gefeiert wird. Wir haben mit Fachmann Nic von Kambô Sagrado aus Berlin gesprochen, was sich genau dahinter verbirgt. 

What is Kambô exactly?

Kambô, is the waxy, secretion of a bright green tree frog that is used by the indigenous tribes of South America, to heal and strengthen the mind, body and spirit. The Giant Waxy Monkey Tree Frog, or Phyllomedusa bicolor, can be found in the rainforest regions of northern Brazil, eastern Peru, southeastern Colombia, and parts of Venezuela, Bolivia, and the Guianas.

Where does the frog poison come from? 

Using the term ‘poison’ isn’t entirely correct in this instance. Everything is poisonous given the wrong dose. (You drink 20 litres of water and see what happens.) When dosed correctly, kambo is in every way a medicine. There is also a common misconception that the process of kambo is similar to drinking so much alcohol that you throw up. In reality, the secretion contains a cocktail of bioactive peptides that break through the blood-brain barrier, attach to the opioid receptors, and cause the body to function in specific ways. Your heart rate increases, blood pressure increases, you begin to feel nauseous, dizziness may occur. The body isn’t fighting the medicine, rather, it is working with it to release everything in the body that is superfluous. 

The frog’s use the secretion (which is released through pores on its back and legs) as a sun lotion, to protect themselves from the hot jungle sun. To harvest the medicine, the frog is collected and tied up. The medicine is then wiped off and put onto a stick. The frog is then let go, unharmed. 

How does it work? What happens in the body the second the poison reaches the system?

Just before the session you will (typically, but not always) drink around 2 litres of water. The medicine is applied through a number of small burns in the skin, known as gates. Using a small (~4mm Ø) stick/vine (tamshi) or incense, the first three layers of skin are burned away. Then a small amount of medicine is applied to each gate. Kambô works with your intention and what is most needed in the specific moment. Upon application, it enters your lymphatic system and then bloodstream, scanning your entire body within seconds. Anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes later, you will begin to feel hot. You will feel your heart begin to pound faster and feel pressure in your head. You may feel the energy in your hands and feet and may feel your throat or your face start to swell up. 

„The feeling of the energy of the frog rushing through you can be anything from beautifully surreal to overwhelming. „

The majority of the time, what happens from here is the same. Once your body has been scanned, everything will be brought to your stomach. You will then get to the point where you begin to feel nauseous, and then begin to purge. Purging can come through vomiting, a bowel movement, sweating, crying, shaking or everything at once. But depending on the person, slight variations to the process can occur. Quite soon after purging, you will begin to feel better. As it works on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level, you can quite literally feel like you were reborn. 

Where did you first experience it?

I first experienced the medicine in the Sacred Valley in Peru. During the session, I swore I would never do it again. 20 minutes later, I realised not only would I do it again, it would become a huge part of my life. I then went to the jungle and continued my exploration. 

How did your life change? 

Kambo has gifted me many things. The ability to travel to incredible places and be in service and meet amazing people is part of it. However one of the first men I ever served, was a former heroin addict. The next morning after our session, he came to me and said “Thank you for showing me a happiness I have never experienced before.” That, was the greatest gift of all. To be able to use the blessings of nature, in service of humanity. 

What was the most transformational about the ceremony?

The physical cleanse was immense. After years of abusing my body with drugs and alcohol, and also being nonchalant about pharmaceuticals. However the mental clarity, and energetic alignment was so powerful. So tangible. It was rather phenomenal.

Which health issues can be treated with Kambô?

Kambo is known to help with a range of health conditions, including addiction, anxiety, candida, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chronic Pain, Depression, Diabetes, Immune system Repair, Infections, Menstrual Cycle Balance, Menopausal Systems , Migraine and many more.

Short-term benefits commonly reported include increased energy, increased resistance to stress, enhanced mood and reduced fatigue. People have a reduced need for food and drink and there is a general mindfulness feeling lighter and life becomes easier to manage.

The energetic & spiritual benefits are a deeper connection to self, the removal of dark or negative energies, the chakras become aligned, the intuition increases and the body vibrates higher.

What are the benefits?

As kambô works on the physical, mental and energetic bodies, its traditional uses are wide and varied. From dissolving panema (negative energy), healing illness, to fertility issues and vaccination.
One of its main traditional uses is to dissipate ‚panema‘ or negative energy (bad luck, depression, laziness, sadness or a condition inviting difficulty or illness.) In conjunction with this energetic realignment, Kambô also has potent physical benefits. Used to gain strength, boost immunity, maintain or regain health, and heal disease. It is often applied before hunting, in order to increase strength, health, stamina and vision. The tribes also use it for rainforest specific issues, such as malaria, yellow fever and snake and spider bites.

As it is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anesthetic substances found in the world, the physical benefits are great and many. Helping to strengthen the immune system, detoxify the liver, kidneys and intestines. Immediate and short term effects include enhanced mood, alertness, clarity, focus, energy and increased resistance to stress and tiredness. In the longer term, Kambô empowers the immune system, rousing the body’s defense systems to their natural functions so that existing health problems are improved or resolved and future ones are less likely to occur. 

How does the preparation (the days before) look like? 

As with everything in life, the more you put into something, the more you get out of it. The same theory applies to kambô. The more time you can give to the diet, and to readying your body, mind and energy, the deeper the experience you will have. Beginning with a firm intention of why you are sitting with the frog, and taking time for contemplation and reflection. Working with the Spirit of kambô is a very personal relationship and the session will vary every time, depending upon your intention and what is most needed. A minimum of 24 hours (better 2-3 days) before your session, restrict your diet from meat, dairy, gluten, fried and spicy food, processed food, sugar and drugs, including alcohol.

When wouldn’t  you recommend a Kambô session? 

Kambô is certainly not for everybody. Most people that decide to sit with the frog feel a very strong call that they are ready and it is their time. For many people, kambô comes into their life when they are ready, when they need it, or when it is called. It is not something to be rushed into, nor is it something to be done for the experience. Even if you feel called, there are a number of contraindications that are deemed too risky, and it is likely there are other modalities of healing, detoxification or lifestyle change, which may better prepare you or may be more appropriate. The medicine itself, is very safe when it is administered by a trained facilitator. If you are unsure whether or not it is suitable for you, speak to the facilitator. At minimum, they will have a conversation with you, or get you to fill out an intake form that informs you of the contraindications and risks. 

What is Kambô for you  in one sentence. 

A spirit medicine, gifted to us by the God’s.

About Nic

Nic is an architect of transformative experiences. A certified coach, and facilitator of men’s work, breath work, plant medicine and sacred intimacy. After discovering he didn’t fit society’s version of the dream life, he gave up his architect career and marriage to create his own. He traveled the world, learning in jungles, darkness, ashrams and silence. Nic spent the past 6 years helping guide and hold space for those willing to step into their own darkness, to release, heal, and reconnect with their deepest truth. He hold’s Men’s Medicine retreats in Europe, Mexico and Peru. Currently he is based in Berlin where he guides 1:1 sessions.

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